Bee hive Gruibert

The Gruibert hive is a double-walled wooden bee hive insulated with hemp insulation wool for hanging in a tree. Some characteristics of these hive correspond to those of natural tree cavities. It represents a compromise between such a natural habitat and usual bee hives.

The thermal insulation is comparable to that in a tree cavity inhabited by bees, the insulation of the sides and the lid corresponds to that of over 40cm solid wood. The entrance hole is a tunnel of 19.5cm length and has a diameter of 4cm. The bees have a volume of 37 litres at their disposal.

The operation is carried out with upper beams or with “Kuntzsch high” frames (dimensions: upper part 274/25/8 lower part: 250/25/8 side part 330/25/8). The geometry is based on tree cavities inhabited by bees, higher than wide. The suspension allows access to the brood chamber from above and below and of course there is a Varroa control panel. Last but not least: The hive can be reproduced with simple means and without special knowledge!

Gruibert hive Juli 2019