Bee hive Gruibert

The instructions for a new hive are now available under hive building: The Gruibert hive. The idea was born together with Gabi and Norbert Dorn. The goal was a hive with the following characteristics:

  • Thermal insulation comparable to tree cavities inhabited by bees
  • Entrance tunnel and volume of the brood chamber comparable to tree cavities inhabited by bees
  • Operation with top beams
  • Geometry based on tree cavities inhabited by bees higher than wide
  • Inserting of a common frame size possible
  • Access to the brood chamber from above and below possible
  • Hanging in the tree
  • Varroa screen board
  • Hive can be reconstructed with simple means and without special previous knowledge

We have fulfilled these requirements with the double-walled Gruibert wooden hive insulated with hemp insulation wool:

  • The thermal insulation to the sides and upwards corresponds to that of over 40cm solid wood.
  • The entrance hole has a diameter of 4cm and a tunnel length of 19.5cm
  • “Kuntzsch high” frames (dimensions: upper part 274/25/8, lower part 250/25/8, side part 330/25/8) can be used.
  • The volume available to bees is 37 litres.

Probably the most important point is the high thermal insulation. Not only because of the thermal insulation itself, but also because of the effect on the amount of condensation in the beehive.

The Gruibert area, which gives its name, seems perfect for bees. And that’s exactly what we want our hive to be for the bees!

And if you don’t think the hive is perfect yet: We see this hive as an open source project. Anyone can and may copy these hive. Own designs/variants are possible and welcome! We will gladly take up and document improvements. There is no copyright, take the cordless screwdrivers in your hands and provide your bees with a proper thermal insulation!