Buy book scorpions

The buy of book scorpions and their use in conventional bee hives does not make sense to me at the moment. We are still in the research phase and have not found the right modifications for bee hives. For this reason I think a sale of the animals is careless and does not serve the cause.

I still believe that the book scorpions help to decimate parasites in the hives, including the Varroa. My videos also suggests that they even pick up parasites from the bees. So far, however, there is only a series of clues. If you want to be taken seriously, you have to communicate this in just the same way.

If you want to work with these pseudoscorpions, you also have to refrain from a treatment with acids and chemicals at the same time. I would advise all beekeepers with an interest in this subject to be a little more patient. I will report here on all progress in research.

Book scorpion with varroa mite
book scorpion with Varroa mite