Infrared videos from the breeding area of honeybees

Königin bei der Eiablage

Since 4 years I do infrared shots in beehives and optimize the quality constantly. I work with different lighting sets and a small special camera with changeable lenses. The infrared lighting cannot be seen by the bees, infrared light with a wavelength greater than 780nm is invisible to them. By constructive measures the lens of … Read more

Rodeo bee drops Varroa mite!

Rodeo Biene

A bee tries to free itself from a Varroa mite for minutes, with powerful and very fast shaking movements. Presumably she cannot distinguish the mite from disturbing pollen residues at all, I have often been able to observe this shaking movements. Often bypassing bees then take these shaking movements to help the troubled bee, just … Read more

Grooming bee

In the following video you can see a bee grooming 4 bees in a row. Obviously, there are bees that have exactly this job. The behaviour is therefore apparently not only triggered by the perception of pollen remnants or parasites on other bees. Well, I guess there are real “Grooming bees”. More Videos here.

Sleeping bees

Bees sleep several times a day. Partially they go to empty cells for this reason. Their sleep lasts for a few minutes to a maximum of half an hour. In the following video a bee retreats into a cell for 5 minutes.

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