Infrared videos from the breeding area of honeybees

Since 4 years I do infrared shots in beehives and optimize the quality constantly. I work with different lighting sets and a small special camera with changeable lenses. The infrared lighting cannot be seen by the bees, infrared light with a wavelength greater than 780nm is invisible to them. By constructive measures the lens of the camera is not propolisiert by the bees, the camera works thus around the clock maintenance-free. In this way, recordings in FullHD quality are taken from the heart of the beehive without disturbing the bees. The shots provide a unique insight into the natural behaviour of honeybees.

At the autumn meeting 2019 of the “Zuchtverband Dunkle Biene Deutschland e.V.” I presented film material for the first time. The egg laying of the queen, the breeding of the brood and the capping of the brood cells, the slipping of the young bees and the different variants of allogrooming were the main topics of the shorts. A special highlight are surely the shots of varroa moving on the bees, especially during social grooming and hatching of the young bees.

The following film clip shows a Varroa who cleverly escapes grooming. It is by no means the case that Varroa will surely fall victim to social grooming. Firstly, Varroa move quickly and safely on bees and secondly, bees do not seem to recognise them as pests even when they are in front of their antennae.

More actual videos can be found under Videos.