With species-appropriate beekeeping in line with nature

We should give nature and bees the time and the strength to get rid of their problems on their own:
By relieving the bees of a maximum performance of their honey production and allowing natural selection again, by building beehives which are in line with the natural habitat of the bees and by stopping to work with pesticides and acids, especially in the beehive.
A beekeeping with only gentle interventions of the beekeeper is definitely possible.

Grooming – Do bees actively fight the Varroa?

Book scorpions – The symbiosis with the bees

Hollow trees – 45 million years of evolution in tree caves

Climate in the beehive – humidity and temperature in the beehive

Resistant bees – An adaptation between host and parasite takes place

Swarm of bees – Reproduction of bees in nature

Swarm of bees
Swarm of bees