News on the Diffusion Lid, October 2017

bee hive with D-lid

The Diffusion lid works, but not as well as calculated:
The calculations for the diffusion lid are basing on approved calculation methods of building physics. The difference in the temperature, the thickness and the type of the material are decisive for the amount of water vapor diffusion.

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News on the diffusion lid, September 2017

diffusion lid

Unfortunately, sheep’s wool in the form of insulation mats is usually treated with moth repellents. Please do not use this for the Diffusion lid! It is also best to buy untreated sheep’s wool directly from the shepherd or farm. Hemp insulation wool is also permeable and can be used as an alternative. The insulation properties are, however, slightly worse.

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Diffusion lid: Elimination of humidity and mould in beehives

We have designed a lid for conventional beehives that eliminates humidity and mould in beehives. This way we generate a relative humidity of about 50% in the upper part of the beehive. With this drought, most parasites can hardly reproduce. Not even the little hive beetle!