Videos of book scorpions & bees

Videos of book scorpions under Lab Conditions

Book scorpion catches varroa mite
The video shows a6 book scorpion picking a Varroa mite and narcotizing it with his poison fangs in his claws. He waits until the anesthesia sets in and then sucks it out.
Book scorpion catches red bird mite
The video shows a book scorpion picking a chicken mite, waiting for anaesthesia to set in and then sucking it out. While he is still sucking out one mite, the next is already being caught.
Book scorpion attacks wax moth larvae
Here a book scorpion attacks a very large wax moth larva. The anesthesia doesn’t seem to work on her, she stands up very hard. In the end the book scorpion gives up.

Videos of book scorpions in the bee hive

Book scorpion on tour
Book scorpion moves unprotected from bee to bee. Probably looking for a resting bee to check for parasites. The bees here are obviously all too active.
Book scorpion grabs bee in the fur
The clearest evidence to date that book scorpions do not fear to approach bees and check them. The book scorpion grabs a bee’s fur several times. The picking off of a parasite cannot be recognized.
Book scorpion cleans bee
Here a book scorpion grabs a resting bee several times, the bee notices this and shrugs in each case. Unfortunately, the scene is fuzzy.

Videos of grooming and cleaning behavior of honeybees

Rodeo Bee
A bee tries to free itself from a mite over minutes, with violent and very fast shaking movements. Probably it can not distinguish the mite at all from disturbing pollen rests. The mite is thrown off in a shaking phase with a very high frequency. Perhaps it falls to the ground and is welcomed there by book scorpions…
Rodeo Bee, slow motion
The crucial scene from video “Rodeo Bee” again in slow motion.
Extensive social grooming
The cleaned bee willingly lifts its wings and is patiently cleaned.
Social Grooming x2
At a time with increased grooming activity, 2 bees are cleaned here immediately next to each other.
Grooming with help
A bee shakes itself vehemently, presumably to free itself from pollen rests. A bee nearby helps the plagued bee.
Grooming Bee I
A bee cleans 4 bees in a row. The behaviour is therefore not only conditionally triggered by the situation. There are at least sometimes bees with the task to clean other bees.
Grooming Bee II
A bee cleans several bees in a row. In between she cleans herself extensively.
body hygiene
A bee cleans itself thoroughly.

More IR Videos from the bee hive

Fanning bee with open nasanov gland, probably part of a ventilation line
another fanning bee in the beehive
sleeping bee
Bees go to sleep. Often just in the middle of the room. Sometimes, as here in the video, they retreat into an empty cell. Their sleep usually lasts between 5 and 30 minutes.
Tanker Bee
Transfer of nectar / honey.

Tanker Bee II